Why Arax-Anahit?

Why Arax-Anahit?

Arax-Ahanit Language Centers were founded in the year 1995 as Fardis and Marlik branches; Fardis branch was the first language institute in the region.

Over the last 10 years, CPE, CAE, FCE and IELTS courses have been held in this institute incessantly.


Providing the learners with the chance of studying in advanced academic courses has always been among the primary objectives of the institute; this has led to the training of competent educators. It is worthy to note that all the teachers of Arax and Anahit institute have previously been its students.


Conspicuous Features of Arax-Anahit Institute


-         Cooperating with the monopolized agency of Pearson Longman in Iran (Ghazal Javan) since 2008 and utilizing its auxiliary educational amenities like posters, books, flashcards and movies


-         Issuing Silver Certificate at the end of intermediate courses and Gold Certificate at the end of advanced courses on behalf of the Pearson Longman affiliation in Iran


-         Holding ITC and TTC courses in order to recruit qualified and eligible individuals


-         Holding age-oriented conversation courses (children to adults) from beginner to advanced levels incessantly


-         Holding free-of-charge grammar courses from beginner to advanced levels solely for the students of Arax-Anahit


-         Issuing valid certificates to learners at the end of each course


-         Free-of-charge consultation and placement services


-         Administering standardized and advanced mock-tests for the respective applicants


-         Continuous educational surveillance in accordance with the current regulations and with the aim of upgrading the scientific level of the learners and educators


-         Providing standard audio-visual facilities for each classroom


-         Initializing the Learners' System on the institute's website in order for the students and their parents to be able to observe the students' backgrounds, the courses' schedules, the curricula, etc. needless of referring to the location of the language centers


-         Providing shuttle transportation vehicles solely for the institutes' students residing in the surrounding towns



Membership In Newsletter

Membership In Newsletter Arax-Anahit
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