Your children learn English with rhyme, rhythm, conversation, handicraft and films.





This unique series is designed for children between 5 to 8. Pockets books encourage children to master concepts better in the format of exercises and drills and in an educational ambience through listening and watching CDs and with the aid of sensory, kinetic, visual and auditory skills. Via touching the flashcards and seeing the posters, the children will be able to 'feel' the concepts better and more deeply. The movies of these books are based on three legendary tales each of which has been tailored for one level. Provided these are utilized efficiently and precisely, the children will 'acquire' the previously learned materials with more efficacy and profundity.








Backpack is one of the best educational sources for the children who are between 7 to 12. American accent has been used in this book and 7 levels have been devised for it, each of which is composed of the Student's Book, Workbook and visual CD's.

The 2nd edition of this book was published after the success of the 1st one and it enjoyed more additional materials. Upon the following wide welcome, Ghazal Javan Publications localized this series and republished it. The main method of the book is eclectic and grammar is used based on which accuracy is given particular priority, in a way that upon finishing each level, the students will be able to use the learned material flawlessly.In the new edition of this book, pupils can learn English which is related to everyday life; this causes the learning process even more useful. Moreover, there is more emphasis on grammatical as well as writing points.


In Backpack series, the learners increase their writing ability by using related exercises and improve their speaking accuracy and correctness simultaneously.

Educational Sources:

-         Teacher's Book

-         Test Book (and the accompanying CD)

-         Posters

-         Colored Flashcards

-         Audio CD's

-         DVD's

-         Supplementary Materials for Teachers

Backpack Starter, 1 and 2


Through studying these books, learners will be able to understand and use everyday life and simple expressionsin order to obviate their elementary needs. They can also introduce themselves to others and ask others about where they live, who they know, or what they are asking. Provided that the interlocutor is helpful and speaks clearly and deliberately, the learners at this stage can manage a simple conversation.

Backpack 3 and 4


Learners at this level can understand common and situational sentences and expressions such as basic information about themselves as well as their families, shopping, giving directions and talking about jobs. Furthermore, they can communicate with others in simple and clear-cut situations which require easy and straightforward exchange of information.

Backpack 3 and 4


Learners of these books can understand the main points of standard and obvious linguistic data about familiar and common topics in education, work etc. They can use language in situations which they may come across should they travel to an English-speaking country. They can write homogeneous and simple texts about elementary or personal matters. They can express their experiences, events, dreams, wishes and hopes; in brief, they can present reasons and explanations for their opinions and beliefs.










The first edition of Top Notch and Summit books received the Best Conversation-oriented Book Prize for adults. These books are absolutely suitable for those who want to start conversation at the beginner level and finish at advanced level. It can be definitely stated that Top Notch has been the best published book for the adults in the recent years. Using new design and educational method, this book causes not only pupils, but also teachers to love using it. Its supplementary materials are considered another of its points of strength which provide educators with a wide range of additional sources for teaching and learning. The latest version of Top Notch entered the market in Sep. 2012 which has been changed in order to provide the students and teachers with the best usage. These alterations were the result of the research that was done by the publisher after the book was pervasively used in the world. The     afore-mentioned research was mainly carried out in China and Latin America.



       Some of the most important changes are as follows:

 1-Digitalizing the student's book along with all audio files.

 2-Changing the pages' and illustrations' design; these changes have made the content structure as well as the learning objectives more tangible.

 3-More vivid difference between Fundamentals and Book 1.

 4-Increasing the exercises.

 5-Succinct and understandable grammatical points with clear exemplification.

 6- More emphasis on improving both receptive and productive skills.

 7-Addition of writing points in the Writing Booster section.

 8-Very strong Listening materials.