Mr.Mohammadreza Sabeti, the founder and the CEO of Arax-Anahit Language Center, has taught English to learners of various ages and levels since 1988. Having taught for approximately a decade and with regard to the educational hiatus of that time in the region, MrSabeti established Arax-Anahit Language Center which is deemed as the oldest in Fardis.




Mr.Sabeti is a member of the Coordination Council of Founders in Alborz Province and Malard Town in the Ministry of Education. His most outstanding professional and educational achievement could be the training of hundreds of English teachers since he started his own career as teacher and teacher trainer; it is noteworthy that all these teachers are now regarded as reputable educators in the region, the most knowledgeable and eligible of whom work as teachers in Arax-Anahit at the time being. The educational, professional, cultural and managerial records of MrSabeti are obvious for the local citizens and his stable and professional vision as well as his scientific perseverance in the educational centers under his management, are heart-giving to those who refer to these centers with the objective of learning.